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Welcome to a quality experience at Ciconia Aarhus Fertility Clinic

Ciconia Aarhus Fertility Clinic is located in a pleasant residential neighbourhood in Højbjerg. Here, we welcome our patients to a modern clinic that offers not only high-technology equipment and comfortable surroundings but empathy and understanding. 

Our professional staff enters into a dialogue with our patients as to how solve health issues, together, in the most careful and considered way possible. It has been our experience that, as a small hospital, we are able to offer our patients conditions that they truly appreciate.




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Ciconia Aarhus Fertilitetsklinik
Saralyst Allé 50
8270 Højbjerg

Contact information
T: +45 86 27 76 26
F: +45 86 27 76 56

Telephone hours
Mon - fri08:15 - 15.00
Saturday08.00 - 12.00
ClosedFra 12.30 - 13.00

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